Vocal Fold Lipoinjection

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Author: R. Jun Lin
Specialties: Otolaryngology
Schools: University of Pittsburgh Voice Center
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Basic Info

Contributor: VyVy N. Young and Clark A. Rosen

Lipoinjection of the vocal folds results in medialization and augmentation of the vocal folds by deposition of autologous fat.

Editor Recruited By: Michael Johns, III, MD

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/ngjuxe20iq



Vocal fold injection


Vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold paresis, vocal fold atrophy, sulcus vocalis, severe vocal fold scar, soft tissue loss of the vocal fold(s)


Bilateral vocal fold immobility/hypomobility, coagulopathy (relative)



General anesthesia and endotracheal intubation; liposuction is performed after sterile prep and draping; microsuspension laryngoscopy can be performed as a clean procedure.

Preoperative Workup

Check coagulation status if patient is anti-coagulated.

Anatomy and Landmarks

Make a 5mm abdominal incision in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. Aim liposuction cannula opening upwards in the subcutaneous plane to prevent accidental penetration into deep abdominal contents.


Advantages: provides a large amount of autologous injectable material, less invasive compared to a medialization laryngoplasty, expedient.
Disadvantages: 10-15% revision rate due to fat resorption.


Airway obstruction, infection and/or hematoma at the abdominal liposuction site, overinjection, underinjection, fat resorption requiring revision surgery.

Disclosure of Conflicts





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