CSURGERIES Student Membership

Looking to supplement your in-class and/or clinical learning with knowledge, networking, and practical experience that will make you stand out from your peers? Become a CSurgeries Student Member! Membership is free, but the value you receive is so much more…

CSurgeries Student membership allows you to:

  • Build your network: Interact with and make connections among an elite community of academic surgeon
  • Learn on your own time: Have content delivered directly to your inbox you can view at your leisure
  • Get a head start: Familiarize yourself with procedures before stepping into the OR; See how multiple surgeons (or a specific surgeon) perform a similar procedure.

Getting involved is easy!

All you need to do is join our online Student Leaders community on Facebook

to engage with like-minded medical students and to access content that is relevant to you and your studies.

coming soon: CSurgeries Student Leader Program

CSurgeries is bringing together students and surgeons from around the world and membership is just the first step. If you are looking for a more hands-on role, you soon can become a CSurgeries Student Leader:

  • Become a Recruiter – Introduce surgeons at your medical school to CSurgeries and encourage them to become a member, Author or Reviewer
  • Become a Video Editor – Get paired up with our current Authors and learn firsthand about a procedure by working with them to record and edit their video for CSurgeries publication
  • Become a Contributing Editor – Receive a DOI number, immediate recognition for your support as well as academic credit from our peer-reviewed process similar to that achieved for a published article.

Don’t forget! Add your CSurgeries role to your CV – a volunteer experience that requires only moments of your time each month, but provides long-lasting benefits to the surgical community.

To receive updates on when this program opens up for applications, join our Student Leaders Facebook Group.