When you become a member, you will be welcomed by an elite community of academic surgeons and healthcare professionals dedicated to producing and sharing brief, high-quality surgical content that has undergone the peer-review process prior to publication. Membership is free, but the value you receive is so much more…

CSurgeries membership allows you to:

  • Provide feedback to hundreds of peer-reviewed surgical publications across multiple specialties using a rating system
  • Leave a comment or ask an author questions directly regarding his published  procedure
  • Receive weekly updates directly to your inbox featuring newly published surgical content and additional learning opportunities
  • Build a global professional network by connecting with members from other areas – from global surgery students to international surgical society members.


CSurgeries brings together surgeons from around the world and membership is just the first step. There are several other ways to get involved:

  • Become an Author – Showcase your procedure on the only peer-reviewed online surgical journal. Receive a DOI number, immediate recognition for your technique as well as academic credit from our peer-reviewed process similar to that achieved for a published article. See Six easy steps to become a CSurgeon and Frequently asked questions for more information. Don’t have time to edit your videos? You can work with Heartwork Videos for editing support
  • Become a Reviewer – Review submitted surgical videos in your area of expertise and help guide the path of great content for other Authors and set a standard of quality expected from our surgeons
  • Become a Section Editor  – Join a team of surgeons with similar expertise to help recruit Authors and Reviewers as well as have the final review for published videos.

Don’t forget! Add your CSurgeries role to your CV- a volunteer experience that requires only moments of your time each month, but provides long-lasting benefits to the surgical community.